Jedi Squadron Podcast: Episode 29 – Return of the Jedi Review

By Nathan DeSa & Rizwan Merchant

May the 4th Be With You! Welcome dear Padawans to our final review for the Star Wars Original Trilogy, and what better day to release this then May 4th? Not only is this a day for our fandom to celebrate the wondrous world of Star Wars, but it is also the Jedi Squadron Podcast’s One Year Anniversary! That is right, we first took flight exactly one year ago today and we thought it would be most fitting to take a look at Episode 6 Return of the Jedi for a few reasons. 1) It is Riz’s favorite Star Wars movie 2) We discussed our theatrical viewing of it on our first podcast for the 40th Anniversary of the movie, and 3) It feels fitting to end our first year by concluding our look into the original trilogy movies! So strap in young Padawan and get ready to jump into hyperspace as Nathan DeSa and Rizwan Merchant break down Episode 6, discuss the characters, try and find another villain in other franchises that has the depth that Darth Vader has in Star Wars, and go in-depth into some behind the scenes fun facts and changes Lucas made to the movie over the years.

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