Power Rangers: Super Legends

Genre: Action/Adventure
Platform(s): PC, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2
Allegiance: Disney Interactive
Vintage: 2007
Rating: E
Intelligence Agency Report by: Zarhn X
The Future Omega Ranger tries to stop Lord Zedd (who was supposedly turned pure by Zordon being killed) from stealing the “Time Crystals,” so the Future Omega Ranger smashes the crystal and sends the 5 pieces into different time lines. Zedd gets pissed and locks The Future Omega Ranger into the hall of Legends and The Future Omega Ranger tries to contact the Rangers from different time lines.

Weapons Expert Report by: Zarhn X
Overall 4.00
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: PC I used to love the original The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and I even liked Zeo, Turbo, Zeo, In Space, and Lost Galaxy (after that I sort of gave up on the show), so you can imagine the joy I felt when I found this game on Ebay. I came into the game hoping for the SNES Power Rangers game with better graphics. Did I get that? Or did I just order a big turd? Let’s find out!

The story is typical Power Rangers fanfare and, for what it’s worth, the concept is pretty cool, since you get to play as Rangers from Operation Overdrive, S.P.D., Ninja Storm, Wild Force (only as unlockable characters), and, of course, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The only thing is… they all play the same. There are no discernable differences (other than the obvious costume changes), and after the first Zord battle, you’ve seen everything the game has to offer. It offers no variety in the combat, and there is really no reason to kill every enemy in the level, since you can just run right past most of them. One major flaw of the game is that you can only take two Rangers on a mission at a time (but to be able to play as two you need a second player), and you can’t change Rangers in the story mode—you have to replay the level. The writing in this game is horrible, too. There was one “joke” in particular that made my skin crawl :

Goldar: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Pink Ranger: …to get to the other side?…


Absolutely horrible.

On the upside, The the graphics in the game are pretty good, however. They are cel-shaded, and all the Rangers are in their appropriate costumes. The colors are very bright and vibrant, and it looks very good for a game made in 2003. The environments, however, are dull, and it seems like they just repeat themselves throughout the level.

Here’s where the biggest gripe I have about this game is, though. It’s not it’s lack of variety, repetitive combat, or cruddy background. It’s the fact that none of the original actors portraying the Rangers return. I researched via IMDB and Wikipedia, and most of the actors and actresses who played the Rangers weren’t doing anything around the time this game was made. I can understand if a few of them couldn’t be included, but none of the Rangers sound anything like their counterparts from the show. The worst ones pop up around the Mighty Morphin’ storyline. You’d think that Jason Lee Scott and Kimberly Hart would be voiced by Austin St. John and Amy Jo Johnson , but instead you getthey got some horrible replacements that sounds nothing like themthe originals. Also, The the music is repetitive, and I began to hate the “Gooo Rangerss” song playing in the background of the Zord battles. It contained none of the original show’s music or theme songs.

The controls are easy enough to learn, however. Movement is mapped to the WASD keys, punching is mapped to the “H” button, jump is the space bar, the “U” button does a fist-pounding attack on the ground, and when you’re in the air and press the the “S” button, it does a slamming attack downward (and it also picks up enemies and throws them). Finally, the “J” button fires your blaster. I found the blaster to be useless, as it barely does any damage and only fires five shots before needing to cool down. Throwing enemies is equally useless, unless you throw them into a pit or something.

It only took me about 10 hours to beat the game. I didn’t collect anything, because it would have been useless. Fighting every enemy is useless, as you can run past most of them. The only times you have to fight are the extremely easy “boss” battles, the Zord battles, and when blue walls come up preventing you from moving until all enemies are destroyed.

As I said, I used to be a very big fan of Power Rangers, and while this isn’t nearly as good as the SNES game, it’s better than Power Rangers Zeo Vs. The Machine Empire. Also, it only cost me four dollars. If you’re a die-hard Power Rangers fan and don’t mind spending four bucks on a game, then you’ve either already got it or you’re going to get it. Otherwise, stay clear of this game.