Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!
Alternate Title: Sukisyo, I like what I like, so there!!
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Format: 12 Episodes
Allegiance: ZEXCS
Director: Ninomiya Haruka
Vintage: 2005
Intelligence Agency Report by: Lady Sage
Hashiba Sora has recently come down with amnesia due to falling out of a fourth story window. He has forgotten all his friends and classmates – including his roommate, Fujimori Sunao. But there is more to their relationship and Sora’s accident than meets the eye. Who is Ran, who is Yoru, and why do they reside in Sunao and Sora’s bodies? Will Sunao and Sora be able to survive their friend Matsuri’s jack-of-all-trades business? Finally, will Sunao and Sora ever be able to look one another in the eye after Ran and Yoru’s… nighttime activities?

Field Agent Report by: Lady Sage
Overall 6.50

When will anime directors figure out that it is not acceptable to make a 13-episode series 2/3 filler, and then try to jam a complex plot into the remaining episodes? SukiSho is yet another show that falls into such a trap, with dull filler overshadowing what could have been an interesting plot.

After the initial introduction of the mysteries going on in the series, everything is suddenly dropped in favor of the episodic, pointless “jack-of-all-trades” plotline. Although the plot involving Ran and Yoru is occasionally glanced upon, until the very end it mainly serves to provide yaoi fanservice and titillation.

It’s a shame, too, since there are hints of what could have been quite good in the end. There are the vestiges of psychological drama, which could have been interesting had it been given sufficient time to develop. The characters, too, show signs of having interesting personalities, but are wasted in the downright stupid filler episodes and hampered by useless side characters. Not even seiyuu greats like Midorikawa Hikaru or Koyasu Takehito could bring depth to the series.

The best way to describe Sukisho would be a waste: a waste of plot, a waste of characters, a waste of seiyuu… and most of all, a waste of time.