Symphogear G – First Impression

Progress: Episode 1
Reconnaissance Report by: Miki

symphogear gSome time long ago (before people saw things in color, apparently), there was a lab where subjects were put through harmonization tests with Relics in order to return the power of the Relics to human control. Like the Japanese laboratory, not every subject survived unharmed… or possibly alive at all. Jumping back forward to the present, three months after the battle that took a chunk out of the moon, the lethal Noise are back with a curious shift in their M.O. – instead of randomly attacking any nearby humans, they’re focusing on the movements of the Japanese research group as they transport an important Relic to transfer it to American control. While the transport is successful, another attack on the American research base (in Japan?) destroys the facility, and the head researcher and the relic go missing.

Tsubasa, meanwhile, is preparing for a performance with an American vocalist that will be broadcast worldwide. They take to the stage, and their first song goes off without a hitch, but as they speak to the audience between songs Maria makes a stunning announcement… and transformation.

And Symphogear is back in full swing, ladies and gentlemen! Good music, annoyingly one-dimensional characters, plot holes, pseudoscience mumbo-jumbo, and frustratingly intriguing plot twists are here again!

The original series breaks down to roughly the same, so it really should have been no surprise that Symphogear G would follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. That said, if you haven’t seen the original series then you’ll be completely  lost here. Symphogear has always had a way of shattering the suspension of disbelief yet still making the story somewhat intriguing so you keep watching.

While the music has always carried the day with Symphogear, there’s just too much noise to drown out this sequel from ever being taken seriously. It’s the student in high school that the teachers hate but the students love, pleased to be graduating, even though he’s 20 and they had to get him out of there sometime. Unfortunately for me, that “sometime” for Symphogear G won’t be until September or October.  It might still surprise me, though, but I’m not holding my breath… for very long. It’s a one-trick pony that left the farm 12 episodes ago.

Score: 6.00/10.00