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Sword Art Online II: Episode 01 Review

It’s been about two years since Sword Art Online ended and waves of fans began waiting anxiously for the next season. As you may recall, I concluded the first season of SAO with some major issues. First of all, the last two episodes irked me with the graphic nature of the scenes, and the resolutions were downright weak. Secondly, I felt like Asuna’s character went from a glorious warrior to a housewife for no good reason.


Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

After the events of the Sword Art Online and Alfheim games, Kirito is called in to the SAO Survivor School to discuss his experiences in-game in relation to Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online. Meanwhile, Suguha is learning to swim for an upcoming quest in Alfheim with the help of Silica, Lizabeth, and Asuna. The quest: to find a whale in Alfheim to show Yui!