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One Week Friends: Episode 02-04 Review

One Week Friends started out with an interesting premise of friendship transcending short term memory loss problems, but as of episode 4, it’s beginning to feel more like a gimmick and less like an actual obstacle. It’s unfortunate because the first episode set something great up, but the subsequent episodes are building on that initial framework while at the same time turning Fujimiya’s disability into a conditional nuisance and convenient story telling device.

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One Week Friends: Episode 01 Review

One Week Friends is a bittersweet shoujo story of friendship and understanding that follows Yuki Hase as he attempts to befriend his classmate, the quiet and withdrawn Kaori Fujimiya. Fujimiya, however, isn’t so keen on entertaining friendships because she suffers from a memory problem that resets her memory every Monday, forcing her to start over each week.