Haikyuu!!: Episode 08-10 Review

By now, Haikyuu!! has made sure we all know that its focus is on Karasuno as a team. Hinata and Kageyama are the center of attention, sure, but it’s refreshing that the last three episodes have centered on Karasuno’s dynamic as a team.

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Haikyuu!! Episode 02-04 Review

Haikyuu!!’s strength lies in its cast – with Hinata’s inexperience comes an easy set-up to explain volleyball terms and techniques, but it’s his enthusiasm and pure love for the game that shines through and makes it clear that the series will be about Karasuno’s growth as a whole team.


Haikyuu!!: Episode 01 Review

Inspired by a match on TV in which the “small giant” from Karasuno High jumps to amazing heights, even getting over blockers, Hinata gets his middle school friends together to form a volleyball club and sets his sights on one day getting into Karasuno and playing volleyball in the footsteps of the small giant he idolizes.