Danganronpa The Animation – First Impressions

Danganronpa: The Animation has finally hit the summer season, and this much-anticipated anime has a lot of hype to live up to…Thus far Danganronpa has been…mediocre. I already know some of the plotline for Danganronpa, and while that knowledge is intriguing, this first episode isn’t great at selling its story to me.


Sunday Without God – Episode 04 Review

Sunday Without God is very interesting, from an animation standpoint. The saturated and sometimes blown-out colours continue, with glows and colour washes that create a whimsical atmosphere to contrast with the macabre nature of the show. Episodes two through four see Ai gain and lose her father, and some details about the world come to light that prove deeply disturbing and highly intriguing, marking the beginning of a plot arc I anticipate with delight and dread.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA: Episode 04 Review

First and foremost, Prisma Illya is a parody. A parody of magical girl genres, card game shows, and Fate/Stay Night itself. It’s easy to remember this when the show does things like Illya calling Ruby out on teasing her by stating that “a magical girl’s greatest weapon is her cuteness,” or the way Illya stumbles about her first battle (and runs away).

New in Japan

Silver Spoon: Episode 04 Review

Silver Spoon has easily been my favorite series this season, from the fantastic art to the characters that really grow on you, and I’ve been digging it above all the others. Main character Hachiken has been developing and catching on to farm life pretty well, and his friends make for a colorful group of characters. Mikage, the girl he has a crush on, meshes well with him, and their personalities really balance each other.