Silver Spoon: Episode 04 Review

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silverspoonSilver Spoon has easily been my favorite series this season, from the fantastic art to the characters that really grow on you, and I’ve been digging it above all the others. Main character Hachiken has been developing and catching on to farm life pretty well, and his friends make for a colorful group of characters. Mikage, the girl he has a crush on, meshes well with him, and their personalities really balance each other. The art is one thing that definitely pulls me in, as well. The teachers and the principal are drawn in a very distinct way, different from the kids. The backgrounds and colors in the series are great, really bright. Also, the artists do a fantastic job of coloring the sky so you know what time of day it is.

Episode four brings together numerous characters to tackle one major task: making pizza. It’s kind of funny to see everyone reacting to the idea of pizza, since many of them live out in the sticks where there’s no delivery. It’s interesting to see the actual ingredients being pulled together from all over the school, and it goes back to one of the central themes of the show: exploring where food comes from. It really makes you think about all the components that go into a relatively simple dish like pizza, and how much time it takes to make it good.

The series has stayed consistently funny while hitting some important points about caring for and raising animals, especially animals that are meant to become food. There are also several points about organic food being better than factory-made stuff. This episode is kind of an offshoot and is more about making pizza, but it’s effective at establishing other characters and going further into Hachiken’s resourcefulness. So far, we know he’s come to this school to set himself apart from others, to really make something of himself, but he also is frustrated due to not having a goal. This episode proves that when he sets his mind to it, he can achieve something, and I want to see how this develops.

Overall, this series is turning out to be really solid, funny, and entertaining. I was really interested in the concept, and so far, Silver Spoon has delivered.

Score: 9.00/10.00