Toku Secrets Podcast: Episode 130 – Behind the Scenes of Power Rangers Rail Riders with Zenith Films Media

By Nathan DeSa & Rizwan Merchant

Guests: Justin Webb & Todd Walsh

This week on Toku Secrets, Nathan and Riz sit down with the masterminds of the fanmade series Power Rangers Rail Riders, Director Justin Webber and Producer Todd Walsh. This miniseries is an adaptation of Ressha Sentai ToQger and is likely the only way we’ll ever see an American adaptation of this Sentai. Join us as we spend time getting to learn about the behind the scenes stories of how Zenith Films Media got into adapting Super Sentai and their process. We also spend a lot of time talking about different Super Sentai seasons and our thoughts on them and the future of the work by Zenith Films Media after Rail Riders concludes! So get on board because we’re going Full Steam Ahead!!

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