Toku Secrets Podcast: Episode 74 – The Most Underrated Season of Power Rangers: A Jungle Fury Review

By Nathan DeSaAnthony Davis, Rizwan Merchant

The Toku Secrets Team is back for the New Year fresh off their flight as Jetman to become someone else, something else, we have become Students of Juken. However before we embark into our journey with Gekiranger to learn the way of the Juken, we’re going to take a quick detour into Ocean Bluff to learn from the great and mystical Pai Zhua Masters the way of the Jungle Fury Power Rangers. Join our team as we break down one of our favorite seasons of Power Rangers, and learn how truly underrated this season is thanks to Writer’s Strikes, Disney gearing up to end the franchise and bad air times. This is also our first foray into podcasting with our webcams on on our YouTube channel, so if you’re interested in that, check out our episode there.