Genre: Drama
Length: 1 Volumes
Allegiance: Shougakukan
Mangaka: Katsu YAGI
Vintage: 2004
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
The “ghost.” Just another harmless prank, he thought. All he had to do was scream “ghost” loud enough for the girl to close her window. He didn’t care that he was possibly paining a poor soul who had suffered greatly from a bad fire. He just wanted to prove himself as one of the guys…who cares about some mystery girl in a window?

Research Agent Report by: Drake
Overall 7.50
(not an average)
Ah yes, the joys of peer pressure and childish pranks. As human beings, we’ve all experienced peer pressure in our lives, be it playing juvenile pranks on the old man next door, or something a little more serious such as smoking. Almost every community has one house believed to be haunted or surrounded by some type of supernatural event, and as a result inspired a famous game for children. 

And the plot behind Window is just that. While simplified to a basic story of an everyday boy being pressured into taking an initiation test to be accepted by his peers, Window is something virtually everyone can relate with. The true beauty of the manga comes from its ability to capture the reader with ease through the nameless boy’s plight. Furthermore, Window enables one to feel as if they are the nameless characters of the story. Artistically, the character designs are no great feat and are below average in comparison to other character designs such as those found in Fruits Basket and G.T.O. While background detail is nothing overly amazing, it’s still able to carry a powerful impression to a reader. An example of this is how the house where the girl lives is drawn to such precision as to give a realistic look. Overall, the art is decent and typical for the average manga. 

Overall, this manga is a good quick read if you have nothing to do on a rainy day. For children, it teaches the valuable lessons of ignoring peer pressure. On the other hand, older audiences will be able to relive their old exploits. Personally, I just found it to be an interesting manga overall and would recommend it for anyone. accompany