Yuyushiki: Episode 10 Review

Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Miki
Progress: Episode 10

yuyushiki promoIt’s business as usual for Yuyushiki, though the lesser characters show up more often in this stretch of episodes and get some more development… until they don’t show up in episode 10 at all.

I found out what bugs me the MOST about this show – it is absolutely non-self-referential. Each bit (and each strip – this would infuriate me with the manga too) is so dedicated to being random and disconnected from everything else that it misses out on a LOT of comedic material related to bringing jokes from earlier in the episode back around in later scenes to give the episodes a sense of cohesion. The sense of relation to the rest of the series from episode to episode or gag to gag lies in the gimmicks of the series – character relationships, types of gags, the data processing club aspect of the premise – and that’s it.

While still occasionally truly funny, what seemed to be an intriguing premise is doing worse than “phoning it in” now… it didn’t come into work and didn’t even bother to call off.

Episode 10 Score: 6.00