Video Game Reviews

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Archaeology professor Hershel Layton and his young apprentice, Luke, receive a mysterious letter. The contents mention a complicated threat to London, but a future London, and the letter is written by Luke 10 years from now! Being true gentlemen, how could the pair turn down a request for help? Following the future Luke’s directions, Layton and Luke are transported to a city overrun with corruption that is like nothing they could have ever imagined – and the criminal overlord is Layton himself!


Metal Gear Solid

Solid Snake has been dragged from retirement by his friend Roy Campbell. Snake’s former unit, FOX-HOUND, has gone rogue yet again, but this time under the leadership of Liquid Snake, the man who shares Snake’s codename…and maybe more. They are demanding the body of Big Boss and a large financial sum, but with what threat? Shadow Moses awaits as the legendary soldier begins yet another phase of his career.

Anime News

Fate/Zero will Premiere on Neon Alley this Spring

This year, Fate/Zero fans will be treated to something special. Aniplex of America has just announced that the fantasy action anime Fate/Zero will be dubbed in English and will premiere on the recently-launched 24-hour anime channel Neon Alley. Featuring an all-star English voice cast, the fourth Holy Grail War will battle on the Neon Alley 24-hour anime channel starting this Spring.

An Insider's Look at Japan

An Insider’s Look at Japan: Akita

When most people think of Japan, they think of either the advanced super-metropolis of Tokyo, or the historical sites in areas like Nara and Kyoto. However, there’s far more than meets the eye; anyone who’s been there can tell you Japan is a pretty interesting place. There are a lot of places where old and new kind of blend and you can see a different way of life depending on where you go.