Yuyushiki: Final Review by Miki

Yui, Yukari, and Yuzuko are in their first year of high school, and haven’t found a club to join yet. They’re stopped while wandering the halls by a flyer for the “Data Processing Club,” and their homeroom teacher, who happens to be the advisor for this club, comes across them and asks them to join. Unable to resist the teacher’s cuteness (or breasts, depending on the member of the trio), the three girls agree. Their club meetings consist of sitting at computers and randomly searching for information on the internet on any variety of topics, but the range of their friendship stretches far beyond the confines of the tiny club room, their school grounds, or the sheer absurdity of Yuzuko’s mind.


Dragon Ball Z: History of Trunks TV Special

In an alternate timeline, Goku has been killed by a deadly heart disease. Six months after his death, two androids emerge from Dr. Gero’s lab and began terrorizing the world, killing the remainder of the Z Warriors in the process, with the exception of Gohan. Now, thirteen years later, Gohan has taken up the battle against the androids and takes Bulma and Vegeta’s son, Trunks, as his pupil, training him to fight the androids by his side. It is up to Trunks to survive the nightmarish hell he was born into, and somehow change history for the better.

Oreimo Season 2

Oreimo Season 2: Episode 13 Review

We have arrived at the end of another season of Oreimo, and there is still much work to be done tying up the loose ends in the last three episodes…Season Two of Oreimo pretty much met the kind of expectations I had at the onset of watching it. Every character had a significant amount of development and started really interacting with each other in very amusing ways.