Otakon Vegas 2013 Welcomes Voice Actor Ellyn Stern

Otakon Vegas is Proud to Welcome Ellyn Stern

EllynSternCardLas Vegas, NV (October 30, 2013) – We are proud to feature Ellyn Stern as part of the first Otakon Vegas guest lineup.

Ellyn Stern is a classically trained actress, voice actress, director and writer, whose career spans from film, to television, to stage. She is widely known for her voice work and the wide range of characters she has played. She has done hundreds of characters.

Ellyn had her start in voice acting in anime with the original ROBOTECH series in which she played numerous characters. She has also voiced roles such as Martha Vist Carbine in Gundam Unicorn, Dorothy in True Crimes, Hong Kong, Masaki Kurosaki (Ichigo’s Mom) in BLEACH, Miyuki Goto in NOEIN, Jacks Mom in MAR, Haraway in GHOST IN THE SHELL 2 – INNOCENCE, Rosalind in ARMITAGE III, Himeno in FIGHT!! SPIRIT OF THE SWORD, Sayaka in METAL FIGHT MIKU, Moru in VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU, Hiroshis Mom in ZENKI, The Great Miracle in ZENTRIX, Parome in GENMA WARS, Keiko Misaki in PATLABOR 3 and Mini Pato. She also voiced many other characters in shows such as Digimon, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Mobile Suit Gundam – The Movie Trilogy, Bushido Blade 2, Lupin the Third, Fighting Spirit, and Technoman, to name just a few.

Otakon Vegas 2014 will be held January 3-5 at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

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