Angel Sanctuary by Orax


Tenshi Kinryouku
Also Known As: AS
Genre: Romance/Drama
Length: 20 Volumes
Allegiance: Hakusensha/Viz Communications
Mangaka: Kaori Yuki
Vintage: 1995-2001
Intelligence Agency Report by: Orax
Being blessed with great strength and quick recovery, Mudo Setsuna is far from what you might consider normal. The fact that he recognizes he has affections for his little sister is proof enough. Setsuna is fine with all this until some weird people start bringing up some story about Heaven and Hell and how he is an integral part of some greater fate. However, Setsuna wants no part of it until events force him to take action and to decide which is the lesser of two evils.

Research Agent Report by: Orax
Overall 9.25
(not an average)
At first, one might be turned off by the incestuous relationship that Angel Sanctuary presents, but listen when I say every page is worth reading. This whole manga shakes the foundations of many conformed beliefs and challenges a reader’s mind. But even so, at the root of this complex manga lies a beautiful love story that shouldn’t be missed. 

One of the most notable aspects of this manga is the gorgeous art which helps not only to amplify the effect of Kaori Yuki’s storytelling, but also defines and complements the characters. Like in most manga, there is growth and maturity in the art as Angel Sanctuary progresses, though it does not mean talent can’t be found early in the work. From the individual strands of hair to the minute details of the scenery, Kaori Yuki’s art is just simply beautiful. The only complaint I would have is that some of the characters look too similar when you’re first introduced to them, but this confusion can be remedied by a quick reread. 

For the most part, Angel Sanctuary is well paced and I had no problems with the flow of the story. There is, however, the Hades saga where the plot dragged on too long for the little impact it had in the overall scheme of things. Too much time was spent on this saga when only one important event came out it. Regardless, this arc and most of the others produced solid character development that I was so fond of. The line between good and evil is a thin one, and Setsuna delves deep into the exploration of both Heaven and Hell to determine his beliefs, his purpose, and his truth. Setsuna’s depth of character is also shared among many secondary characters that contribute and enhance the greatness of this manga. In addition to character development, many revelations and mysteries are solved later in the plot that reference a story element many volumes before. As a result, I always found this manga to be an exciting read. 

Angel Sanctuary provides a very interesting and engrossing story which is not afraid to bring up taboo subjects. Early on, Mudo Setsuna declared Heaven has no room for sinners like him. This message is only a small foreshadowing of what is in store for readers.