Angel’s Egg

Japanese Title: Tenshi no Tamago
Also Known As: Mystical Egg of the Angels
Genre: Drama
Format: 1 Movie
Allegiance: Studio DEEN/Tokuma Shoten
Director: Oshii Mamoru
Vintage: 1985
Intelligence Agency Report by: The Macaque
A man with a large sword is watching a great ball shaped object, filled with humanlike statues, fall down from the sky and crash into the Earth. Meanwhile, a young girl wakes up in her lair, holding onto a large egg. These two characters meet in a strange city, and decide to continue their journey together. The girl, protecting her egg, and the man, protecting her in hope of finding out what the egg contains.

Field Agent Report by: The Macaque 
Overall 7.50
(not an average)

This is Oshii Mamoru’s deepest travel into the basics of human nature. First and foremost, Angel’s Egg is strictly an abstract piece of animation, without the slightest aspirations to present an understandable plot. This is necessary to point out, as some people would surely condemn it immediately for not being rational or logical in any way. The entire movie is about presenting metaphors and juggling with abstract imagery. 

I’m sure many people have taken a swing at this, and come up with their own explanations and conceptions as to what the different events in Angel’s Egg represent. Let me try that too. I see this film as anti-technological. Without long explanations to why I think this way, it’s apparent that the egg, protected by the little girl, is the key to this movie. The constant advances in technology make us blind to nature around us, and without hesitation we’re ready to destroy the most important things in life, in order to gain more knowlege in a more efficient way. 

Angel’s Egg is actually so vaguely presented, that it’s somehow surprising to notice how much there is to be analyzed in it. It’s in many ways very close to modern theater, where every metaphor is carefully hidden in a very deranged presentation. This is why I won’t give this anime more than a 7.50. I mean, I love this kind of intricacy, but this creation is entering warp drive in outer space, far beyond the standard anime format, and that is why most people will not be able to recognize it as such. I also think the animation wasn’t of the highest standard. Granted, it was made in the 80’s with a shoestring budget and to a very abstract plot. 

In the end, I would recommend this to every anime fan though. It’s so original and interesting, it’s bound to make your brain cells dance polka. With this I leave everyone up to make their own conclusions about the event’s in Angel’s Egg. I’m sure I’ll get back to it many times in the future.