Anime Declassified Podcast – Mission 67 – Convention Spotlight: NerdCon 2023

By Miguel Moreno & Rizwan Merchant
Special Guests: James Chisum, Jerry Shafer, Cassie Kmiec, Directors of NerdCon 

Miguel and Rizwan catch up with the Directors of Nerd Con 2023 to discuss their 2023 show. Join us for an hour of fun as we delve into the history of the convention, and get an insight into how a small library based convention has continued to grow and flourish in Mont Belvieu, Texas. There are a lot of incredible guests such as Keith Coogan (Brad from Adventures in Babysitting), Alyson Leigh (Nurse Joy from Pokemon), John Morris (Andy from Toy Story) and many more. if that isn’t enough excitement for you, this convention is also 100% free to attend and park! So definitely check them out!

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