Arata: The Legend – Episode 10 Review

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Reconnaissance Report by: Miki
Progress: Episode 10

Arata the Legend-promo-pictureAfter Lord Kannagi loses his Hayagami, he decides that his best course of action is to travel with Arata Hinohara and guide him to rule the world, even if the Earth boy doesn’t know if he wants to do so. They enter the land of Lord Yorunami, but before they progress any further, Kannagi tests Arata’s mettle. When they reach the largest city in the realm, the party disguises themselves as mere visitors to try to figure out what kind of man Lord Yorunami is.

Meanwhile, Arata Hinohara’s rival from Earth, Kadowaki, is caught up and taken to Amawakuni (*cough* Fushigi Yuugi *cough*) when an alliance of six of the Sho investigate where Arata went after he escaped his trial. After entering the forest, one of them activates the mystical link between worlds and sucks Kadowaki through. His hatred for Arata fuels him, and he is able to activate the Hayagami Orochi that acts as the opposite of Hinohara’s Tsukuyo. He tries to team up with Lord Akachi, Kannagi’s rival, but Akachi won’t give in so easily.

As a side note, can I just say that Yuu Watase needs some more variety in her naming schemes? Kannagi, Kanate (the wild boy), Kotoha (the girl from Arata’s village), and Kadowaki are all in play here at the same time.

A lot has happened in Arata, and bits and pieces of it don’t make much sense. While I’ve been impressed to see Arata’s insecurities and old feelings flare up again with interesting consequences, Kadowaki’s anger toward Arata, as others have noted, is a little out of proportion. Considering that Kadowaki’s issue comes from Arata taking it easy on him, I don’t think even an ordinary bully would be this eager to outright kill his target with a real weapon that is obviously more powerful than is yet understood. Kadowaki’s acclamation to Amawakuni is pretty fast, too. There’s absolutely no bewilderment. Apparently, he also learned how to teleport in the five seconds he’s been there.

This is just another example of this story being too convenient and too fast. I feel like I’m watching summaries, or the shortest path between a ton of different points. Arata needs to find Tsukuyo, his Hayagami, in a forest? OF COURSE a wolf found it. So he spends his time chasing the wolf instead of combing through the brush. Convenient. And his chasing involves—gasp! —running! So now it’s all symbolic and whatever.

If this show weren’t so heavy-handed and “Best-Of”-styled in its storytelling, it could actually be really good. As it stands, however, it’s breezy and entertaining enough if you lower your expectations a little. Furthermore, anyone here to enjoy Arata for the pretty-boy character designs and quasi-homoerotic undertones will not be disappointed.

Episode 10 Score: 6.75/10.00