Captain Earth: Episode 11-13 Review

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Reconnaissance Report by: Dr. Magnanimus
Progress: Episode 13

The hunt for the remaining designer children intensifies in these episodes, while the story’s tone takes an even darker, more cynical turn and ups the ante in terms of suspense. The last “unturned” children -young, innocent Setsuna and world-weary Baku – suffer equally with tragic backstories all their own, made all the more gut-wrenching by the prospect of them being forcefully conscripted into the ranks of the planet-consuming Kiltgang force.

Episode 11 exposed the backstory behind MacBeth Enterprises and their role in creating and using the genetically-altered designer children for the GoodFellow Machines that would eventually aid the Kiltgang in their invasion plans. Through the testimony of a former MacBeth insider told in private to Globe operative Rita, we learn that a whistleblower alerted authorities to the company’s corruption. The former CEO Kanta evidently committed suicide during the aftermath and was replaced by Kube, the current leader of MacBeth who continued the project in secret along with Amara and Moco. The other six rescued designer children were taken into police custody, but their current whereabouts are nowhere to be found. We are also introduced to Setsuna, who is being taken care of by the scientist Mao Marimura from the last episode. It becomes apparent that Setsuna was still being exploited, but the young girl finds a way to escape Mao’s clutches and get away before Amara and Moco can seize her. In Episode 12, we find out about the child Baku, who had been held as a slave to the Asanoda Yakuza family since the Kanta incident. The crime boss’s daughter Kumiko looks after and cares for him, but Baku is nonetheless forced to make money for the Asanodas as an underground prizefighter. Amara and Moco make attempts to seduce Baku into turning Kiltgang, but the willful youth rejects them with all his strength. Baku’s character arc concludes in Episode 13 with exposition about the “Magus incident”. Kumiko, haunted with guilt by her father’s illegal child slave trade and her own implication in it, resolved to detonate a bomb on the yakuza’s private yacht where the entire organization had gathered for a party. Everyone onboard miraculously survived, a miracle that was eventually revealed to be the result of Baku’s supernatural Kiltgang restoration ability. Having realized that the life of the only one he ever cared for, Kumiko, was being artificially preserved, he releases her and the rest of the condemned yakuza to their eternal rest. Now succumbed to utter despair, Baku joins the Kiltgang’s cause to consume all of humanity as the relentless brawler Bugbear.

It’s no secret that Captain Earth is really starting to captivate me. The tragic stories of these tortured designer children and their horrendous struggles to find reconciliation with their human sides compels me to root for their redemptions, and I hope that the Midsummer Knights have what it takes to bring them back to innocence and compassion.

My Score: 9/10


Setsuna faces the truth about her confinement and confronts Mao
Setsuna faces the truth about her confinement and confronts Mao
Baku holds on to his humanity
Baku holds on to his humanity
Daichi learns about the champion's greatest fear
Daichi learns about the champion’s greatest fear
Kumiko may be the key to Baku's salvation
Kumiko may be the key to Baku’s salvation