Chobits for Gameboy Advance

Genre: Dating Sim/Morning Exercise Sim
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Allegiance: Marvelous Entertainment
Vintage: 2002
Rating: NA
Intelligence Agency Report by: Katelin
In the not so distant future humans have come to depend on persocons, humanoid robots which replace desktop personal computers. Hideki is a poor farm boy ronin attending cram school when one day on his way home from work he discovers a cute abandon persocon in the trash. Turning her on he finds that he may be in over his head as he has to teach her like a new born child.

Weapons Expert Report by: Katelin
Overall 8.00
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: Gameboy Advance Chobits is a delightful and refreshing dating sim. This game takes all the things that made the TV show and the manga a hit and combines the two aspects together to form a cute comedy and charming love story. 

As Hideki, your job is to teach Chii. You may take Chii to certain locations through out the day each having different effects on her personality and her intellectual growth. At times Chii may become curious with questions, or opinions which you can choose to ignore or answer. She will also learn through your interaction with other characters and mysteriously through Sumomo’s morning exercises. 

Each morning you will have the chance to take part in Sumomo’s mini-game, the morning exercises. This game is quite fun, but a bit too easy. It plays much like a game of DDR, only with your Gameboy Advance’s D-Pad, A, B, and L and R shoulder buttons. Sumomo will go first showing you the pattern for each round of exercise. Once she finishes, you must mimic the steps. Strangely enough doing bad at the morning exercises can be a good thing sometimes since it does have a weird effect on Chii’s personality and her ability to learn. 

You will want to avoid this game if your bored easily by the standard dating sim games pick and choose menu play style, since there is plenty here in Chobits. For everyone else, if you loved the Chobits anime, manga, or both this game will be an enjoyable new experience that will provide more than a few hours of fun. The morning exercise mini-game alone makes this game worth playing.