Chaos Legion

Genre: Action
Platform: PS2
Allegiance: Capcom
Vintage: 2003
Rating: T
Intelligence Agency Report by: Munky
Play as Sieg Warheit, a warrior who summons Legions to help him in his battles. Your mission is to stop a man named Victor Delacroix from collecting three artifacts that would merge the spiritual planes with the real world. A lot of monsters are thrown at you all at one time. Can you handle it?

Weapons Expert Report by: Munky 
Overall 4.75
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: Playstation 2 

I had high hopes for this game, but it seems to have let me down. You play as Sieg. Instructed by Lord Delacroix, you battle your way through different cities fighting off tons of baddies. These monsters come at you in very large numbers. That’s what these Legions are for. You summon Legions to help you along your way. You gain Crests which have the Legions in them. It was all very confusing. Anyway, you build up your Legions to make them stronger and to raise their number. These will come in handy when fighting off a lot of enemies. 

Chaos Legion will entertain you for the first few levels, but soon it gets very repetitive. The monsters reappear many times over, and the same attacks are used over and over. Using one or two buttons to fight off this many enemies should be illegal. This game is definitely for those who do nothing more than the good ol’ button smashing. 

The RPG feel of the game is somewhat lacking. It tries to make up for it by letting you gain experience for your Legions to “level-up” with, but it is still not fulfilling enough. The story-line is rather dull, and leaves you wanting more. Constantly going from place to place fighting all these hundreds of monsters should make you feel proud, but you’ll be left with no reward. You do the same thing in every level of the game. The only thing is, is that the number of bosses grows and some of the enemies get a little stronger. But there’s only so much you can take. 

All the tons of enemies can be made obsolete by killing of the Targets. Technique and strategy are almost nonexistent. The graphics are dull and won’t leave you staring into them with any sort of admiration. One good thing is that the action never dies down, or slows down. The action and fighting moves at a fast pace and never gets too bogged down. Though, just running through the game pressing the square button over and over again is not my definition of a good time. 

I recommend picking up Chaos Legion if you’d rather just hack-n-slash for a couple hours using one or two buttons. For the hardcore gamers out there, I recommend picking up something worth your time. This will leave you bored within a very short time.