Celebrity Deathmatch

Genre: 3D Fighter
Platform: X-Box/PC/Gamecube/PS2/PSX
Allegiance: Gotham Games
Vintage: 2003
Rating: M
Intelligence Agency Report by: Dave K
Celebrities. They entertain us but after a while they annoy us. So what better way to entertain yourself then by having the celebrities kill each other in literal mortal combat?

Weapons Expert Report by: Dave K
Game Play
Overall 2.25
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: X-Box

After playing this game I wished the makers of it one of the painful comedic deaths portrayed at the end of every death match. Celebrity Deathmatch is without a doubt one of the most awful games ever made. Sorry, but I really don’t need to see Carrot Top stabbing at someone with a giant carrot that looks to be protruding from his crotch. Honestly, I don’t need to see that annoying “Psychic” Miss Cleo anymore; and then there’s Anna Nicole Smith who, if you know anything about her, needs no further explanation. 

In terms of gameplay, this game is a joke. You can beat the entire game by moving towards your opponent and pressing one button, which is what I did to get the pain over with quickly. Your opponents don’t fight you with anything decent. They always use sporadic attacks. 

The visuals look just like the MTV show Celebrity Deathmatch so whether you like them or not depends upon whether or not you liked the show (of course, only a fan of the show would buy this joke that is occasionally called a game). The audio is really annoying, of course that’s to be expected with Character’s like Mr. T, Anna Nicole Smith and Carrot Top. 

I don’t know what else to say about this game other then this. If you liked the show or you are some kind of masochist then you might want to rent this game, but if you aren’t, save your money and spare yourself from nightmares where Carrot Top rips out your mother’s rib cage and uses it as a Xylophone.