Digimon Adventure: The Movie by Drake

Also Known As: Digi Movie 1, Digimon Adventure
Genre: Action
Format: 1 Movie
Allegiance: Toei Animation
Director: Hosoda Mamoru
Vintage: 1999
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
It was just another normal day for 2 year-old Hikari and her older brother Taichi, until an egg popped out of their computer. The next morning the egg hatched into a small being known as Koromon. What does this strange creature want from Hikari and Taichi and what lies in store for them in the upcoming years?

Field Agent Report by: Drake
Overall 3.00

What do you get when you mix a lightning quick plot, a horrible artist and a so-so musician? You get Digimon Adventure: The Movie. This movie takes place four years prior to the events of the Digimon Adventure TV series (a.k.a. Digimon 01) and serves as a way for the creators to describe in detail how eight children were chosen to be the “digidestined” in the series.

The first thing one will notice is just how quickly the story moves. Because the movie moves very quickly, little to no time is allowed for character development. Due to the poor development and rapid pacing of this movie, the main characters get very little chance to flesh themselves out and move away from being one-dimensional.

Not only was the art inferior to that found in Digimon 01, but the proportioning for the digimon character designs were atrocious. I mean, come on! In the series, Agumon was not that huge in comparison to the objects around him and the children. Not only was the art inferior, but the music wasn’t any better. The music did not help with the atmosphere as all, making for a dull experience.

Overall, Digimon Adventure: The Movie was created with good intentions for fans of the series, but falls short of attaining its goals. If the budget set by Toei Animation was a bit more favorable for the movie, perhaps it would have been much more enjoyable and entertaining. Sadly, such circumstances did not seem to have been available to Toei at the time of production or they just didn’t want to place very much effort in this movie. I can only, in good heart, recommend this movie to old, diehard fans of the series.