Crest of the Stars

Japanese Title: Seikai no Monshou
Also Known As: CotS, Crest
Genre: Action/Drama
Format: 13 Episodes
Allegiance: Sunrise/WOWOW/Bandai Visual
Director: Nagaoka Yasuchika
Vintage: 1999

Intelligence Agency Report by: Kuzu Ryu Sen

At the age of 10, Jinto Lin was forced to watch as his father Rock sold out their home world of Martine to the Humankind Reich of the Abh, becoming a traitor and pariah to the populace as a result. In return, Rock became the new magistrate of the star system, and as his son, Jinto became Abh nobility. After seven years of learning the “Way of the Abh,” Jinto is ready to journey to the Abh capital Lacmhacarh to serve his mandatory term in the Abh Star Forces. Assigned to escort him to the capital is a young Pilot Trainee named Lafiel, serving aboard the patrol ship Gauthloth. When the Gauthloth encounters unidentified craft during the journey, Jinto and Lafiel are evacuated as non-combatants for precautionary reasons, and are forced to find their own way to Lacmhacarh.
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