Dragon Half by Phate

Genre: Comedy
Format: 2 OVA
Allegiance: Kadokawa Shoten
Director: Sadamatsu Shinya
Vintage: 1993
Intelligence Agency Report by: Phate
Mink seems to be your average, everyday teenager. Upon closer inspection, though, you become aware that she is in fact the “dragon half” (half human, half dragon) daughter of a powerful knight and the deadly red dragon he was supposed to slay, but instead fell in love with. To add to this, she also has a crush on a famous dragonslayer named Dick Saucer, and plans to go to any lengths possible to get her hands on tickets to his next big concert…

Field Agent Report by: Phate
Overall 7.25

I first managed to catch a few minutes of Dragon Half about two years ago when I was with my buddies at a local anime club. It’s a good thing I was able to see some of it, or else I might never have known about this hilarious, though short, OVA series.

By far, Dragon Half’s greatest aspect is how it knows exactly what it is, and doesn’t attempt to be anything else. Plain and simple, it is comedy, and only comedy. Not that this is exactly a bad thing, though. Considering its length, if it tried to put in anything that could have deepened its plot or characters, then it would most definitely lose enough of its humor to render it below mediocre. The humor itself works wonderfully, but relies heavily on super-deformed art styles, so if you’re not a big fan of this type of artwork, you may not find Dragon Half to be all that funny. I also tip my hat to the ending theme, My Omelette, which is definitely one of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard.

Keep in mind, though, that I said Dragon Half’s only redeeming aspect was its humor. The plot in this OVA is, in fact, so bad that the only reason it could possibly be there is to set in place all the comedy. I also need to point out that the story is very incomplete, and doesn’t even hint at it being over when it is. As for the characters, they’re not anywhere nearly as bad as the plot, but not all that great, either. The only thing that could be, more or less, memorable about any of them is the incredibly good seiyuu cast, with none other than Mitsuishi Kotono playing the lead character, Mink.

Dragon Half is an anime that I like to put on the same level as a good stand-up comedy routine; you’re just so busy laughing your butt off that by the time the show is over, you just wonder where the time went by. This is exactly whatDragon Half is: a short, yet incredibly fun laugh.