Eien Strife Biographies

Below is a list of biographies for members of the Cosplay RPG Rock Band, Eien Strife. For more information, click here for more articles on them, or visit their website.

Cheydra Veslatine

Cheydra VeslatineAs a very powerful enchanter from the Waterfall Village, Cheydra has an enormous respect for the forest and life around her. She carries a heavy responsibility to keep learning and understanding the world around her as her father is the village elder .The more she learns, the stronger her ability grows to harness the unknown powers of Terina. There may come a point when she learns too much…

Raien Alcind

RaienThe most experienced explorer and fighter of the Treetop Village, Raien is always the first to volunteer himself for adventure and trouble. His speed and agility are only matched by his quickness to question authority and cause mischief. Some say that if he took his skill a bit more seriously and was more disciplined, then he could help run the village. Not many have faith that will ever happen though.

Lyren Rumick

lyrenNot much is known of this mystic character or his village. He is a manipulator of certain elements and is capable of many amazing abilities. He uses very few words but is constantly thinking of the world around him and what his next step should be. Hopefully he makes the best decision, or else the fate of Terina will be at risk.

Kale De Hilt

kaleThere’s not much, if anything, that can break Kale’s smile. He comes from the stone-made village where hard labor is demanded every day from its inhabitants. Despite all this work there will never be a complaint from Kale. He and his companions are of unmatched strength but strive everyday to be helpful and non-violent. One of those qualities he will not be able to hold onto in the near future; it’s his choice of which it is.