Fruits Basket

Also Known As: FB, Furuba
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Format: 26 Episodes
Allegiance: Studio DEEN
Director: Daichi Akitarou
Vintage: 2001
Intelligence Agency Report by: Drake
After Honda Tohru’s mother died in a car accident, Tohru was left to her grandfather who at the time resided with relatives who did not look so fondly on Tohru due to her mother. However, when her grandfather’s house was slated for renovations, Tohru set off to a forest and set up a tent until renovations were finished to avoid being a burden to others. One fateful day, as she was leaving for school; Tohru noticed a house in the middle of the forest, inhabited by members of the Sohma family. Eventually, she took up residence with them, and becomes entwined with a deep dark secret.

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