Full Moon wo Sagashite

English Title: Searching for a Full Moon
Also Known As: Fuuru Muun wo Sagashite, Mangetsu wo Sagashite, FMwS
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Format: 52 Episodes
Allegiance: Studio Deen/NAS
Director: Kato Toshiyuki
Vintage: 2002-2003
Intelligence Agency Report by: Kuzu Ryu Sen
Because of a promise she made two years ago, 12 year old Kouyama Mitsuki desperately wants to become a singer. However, this is impossible because of a life threatening throat tumour that makes singing or talking loudly very painful. But when the Shinigami duo Negi Ramen tell her that she has only one more year to live, Mitsuki seizes the day and attends the Seed Records New Artists Audition in secret. With a little help, this act starts her on the road to becoming an idol, and puts her closer and closer to fulfilling her promise.

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