Glasslip: Episode 02-04 Review

Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Jessica Craven
Progress: Episode 04

glasslip-episode-3-16The plot twist at the end of episode one is pretty heavily expanded upon throughout these episodes. Basically, Kakeru reveals to Toko that he can see the future, but that he can see it even more clearly when he’s with her. Toko realizes that she also possesses the same gift – she begins to see that some of her friends’ futures are wracked with a couple of fairly serious problems and wants to prevent them, but they are not the sort of things she can interfere with and stop.

There is also a lot of romance going on. I find the love triangle between Toko and her best friends, Yanagi and Yukinari to be sad, especially on Yanagi’s part because her love for Yukinari is so one-sided.  It is also apparent that two other members of Toko’s group are starting to hit it off; watching Hiro trying to talk to Sachi is really funny – his lines are just silly even though he’s trying. For instance, while trying to compliment her, he said something like, “I love the way you read.”  Finally, the relationship between Toko and Kakeru shrouded in mystery, so it is intriguing.

As I mentioned in the last review, the characters are very well-defined. I already feel attached to most of them, and even without the plot twist, their everyday “adventures” are interesting enough to keep me engaged. I’ve already expanded upon Toko and Kakeru a bit, but Yanagi is basically a feminine and head-strong girl with a believable one-sided love for Yukinari. Yukinari is pretty kind beneath the surface, but he is a bit moody, although the reasons for why have not been expanded on much yet. Hiro is an easy-going boy, although awkward around girls, and Sachi is slightly gothic and very introverted and intellectual.  The storyline about seeing the future is interesting, but it is not exactly the main plot at this point, although it comes into play now and then. I kind of like the supernatural bit being toned down for once. I am really looking forward to Kakeru’s character being expanded upon more though; so far, he is still pretty secretive. Glasslip has got me pretty hooked so far, and as long as it maintains its current level of greatness, it will be a pretty spectacular series.

Score: 9.50