Also Known As: Grav, Gravi
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Format: 13 Episodes
Allegiance: SPE Visual Works
Director: Shirohata Bob
Vintage: 2000-2001
Intelligence Agency Report by: Kuzu Ryu Sen
Shindou Shuichi is the lead singer of the up and coming group Bad Luck, just set to make their debut onto the Japanese music scene. However, at this crucial time, Shuichi is plagued by artist’s block and a lack of focus, which seems to be preventing the group from ever reaching their true potential. But after a sudden and coincidental meeting with handsome romance novelist Yuki Eiri late one night, Shuichi’s drive, along with his career and romantic life, take off. However, success isn’t without its hazards. Can Shuichi both fend off rivals and make it to the top, and maintain his relationship with Yuki?

Field Agent Report by: Kuzu Ryu Sen
Overall 8.75
(not an average)

Too many judge Gravitation by the extensive web of rumours about it, rather than the on screen content. Yes, while the romance is between two males, the viewer is not treated to wild orgies or excessive male nudity. In fact, from a fan service perspective, this anime ranks almost at the bottom of the ladder. In actuality, Gravitation is an anime that has a little of everything without losing focus of its ultimate goal: to create a very good romance story.

Since Gravitation has bishounen lead characters and shonen-ai aspects, one might expect to see loads of angst and very dark themes like those prevalent in Gundam Wing and Weiß Kreuz. However, for the majority of the series, Gravitation is absolutely hilarious. Many thanks go to the colourful and vibrant cast, lead by Shindou Shuichi and his wacky antics, for making this possible. On the flip side, Gravitationalso manages to not only squeeze in a romance, but to develop it with reasonable success, adding a dramatic aspect to the show as well.

As expected from any anime that utilizes music as a major plot device, the audio aspects of Gravitation are among the finest from any anime in existence. The voice acting cast, led by Seki Tomokazu, Koyasu Takehito, and Ai Orikasa, play their roles with amazing skill, especially Seki-san, whose role as Shindou Shuichi is the finest performance I have ever seen by a seiyuu as of this date. The OST is also stellar, featuring excellent vocal songs that succeed in justifying the hype that their associated fictional bands receive in the anime.

The main problem with Gravitation is the length of the show. Here, Gravitation’s success becomes its biggest downfall, as the comedy jostles with the romance for screen time. There is a great deal of information to be presented, and in the end, the restrictions of the 13 episode format causes the series to have a rushed feeling, not to mention creating moments where the tone and mood completely flip-flops in the blink of an eye, thus killing it. Another thing about Gravitation is that certain plot devices (or one particular song) are just too repetitive. This is not a major issue, but can become annoying after seven or eight episodes.

Regardless of these issues, Gravitation is a very good anime that should not be missed, as it has something for just about everyone. One of the most underrated anime thanks to its ill-deserved reputation, it’s a shame that Gravitation doesn’t have a larger fan base, because most that see it, generally tend to like it.