Guilty Gear X2

Also Known As: GGX2
Genre: 2D Fighter
Platform: Playstation 2
Allegiance: Sammy Studios/Arc System Works
Vintage: 2003
Rating: T
Intelligence Agency Report by: Munky
This 2D fighter is one of the greats that keeps this genre alive. Amazing graphics and Japanese seiyuu pull you into plenty of different gameplay styles.

Weapons Expert Report by: Munky 
Overall 8.75
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: Playstation 2 This follow-up to 2001’s Guilty Gear features a large cast of over 20 characters, plus tons of cool moves and combos to pull off. If you’re a fan of the Capcom or SNK fighters, then this one should be no problem for you to jump right into. Guilty Gear X2 features several new gameplay modes, in-depth characters, and improved character balance that fans of the series, or 2D fighters in general, should enjoy and appreciate. Just by looks, GGX2 plays a lot like its predecessor, which was clearly inspired by a number of other 2D fighting games. It has the normal one-on-one matches, with round after round of hardcore fighting. The many modes of the game include Arcade Mode, 1P vs. CP, 1P vs. 2P, Mission Mode, Training Mode, and a Story Mode. The story modes are rather short, but when you complete a mode with a character, you gain new pictures and videos that you can view in the gallery. The stories of the characters can also fluctuate depending on your performance in the battles. 

The great hand-drawn characters and backgrounds make this game feel just as much as an anime as a video game. The dialogue in the game is strictly in Japanese, which fits in great with the whole anime/Japanese feel. The music keeps your adrenaline pumping with the classic styles of heavy metal. The characters are original as well. From bounty hunters to even a comedic doctor that wears what appears to be a paper bag over his head. 

If you like fighters, or have a craving for anything anime or Japanese related, then I definitely suggest you picking this up. Guilty Gear X2 is worth your while, and is a very impressive game for its genre.