Genre: Romance/Comedy
Length: 15 Volumes
Allegiance: Shueisha
Mangaka: Masakazu Katsura
Vintage: 1997-2000
Intelligence Agency Report by: Orax
Seto Ichitaka has been heart struck by the famous Yoshizuki Iori, however, he hasn’t been courageous enough to tell her his feelings. When the both Iori and Ichitaka were chosen to head the Freshmen Welcoming Ceremony Committee, Ichitaka couldn’t have asked for anything better. This only solidified his resolve to try to start a growing new relationship with her, however, Ichitaka’s childhood friend Itsuki isn’t making things easy for him as she decides to move in with Ichitaka. This is only the beginning of what’s in store for Ichitaka.

Research Agent Report by: Orax
Overall 8.75
(not an average)
What kind of high school romance would I’’s be if it didn’t have a love triangle? In this sense I’’s doesn’t stray from others in its romance genre but what sets it apart from others is its ability to simulate realistic emotions that will keep you glued to your seat anxious to turn that next page. Like many male leads, Ichitaka’s indecision and confusion is down right frustrating yet not entirely unrealistic. Atleast I wanted him to grow some common sense instead of not caring at all. As more potential partners are introduced, Ichitaka grows steadily unsure of himself, and when he finally picks one, instead of becoming more assertive, he stays the same way. However, I could empathize with his uncertainty unlike other characters in other series because of the way the manga makes the primary characters and situations realistic. The secondary characters for the most part don’t provide any meat to the manga, except for Ichitaka’s best friend Teratani who acts as Ichitaka’s conscience when Itsuki isn’t there. Teratani is one who Ichitaka can rely on and talk to when he’s emotionally drained or feels like he should give up. On the contrary, there are others like the outgoing Nami whose only role is to provide Ichitaka with moments that he can use to further his romantic pursuits. The rest don’t garner enough time in the spotlight to play a vital role. Once Ichitaka has finally confessed, the manga becomes more serious as it shifts from a simple high school romance to a focus on relationships between people on separate social levels. Having Ichitaka’s significant other apart from him strains his faith, his endurance, and his support for her. This brings out moments of weakness for him, but this struggle provides a different angle in the genre that’s not always looked at. I had so much fun with this manga until it came to the last volume where I asked what went completely wrong. So much happened that I felt that things needed to slow down a lot. The romance for the first time actually felt too forced and I felt that the realistic tone that the manga was making for itself just fell apart in this volume. The ending itself was also a fiasco. There was so much buildup leading up to the climax, only to be resolved in two pages. I felt like I was cheated, and apparently I wasn’t alone as the ending was probably what warranted the alternate ending (which is really an elaboration). However, those two pages left such a powerful wanting for more that I felt that not even the alternate ending could properly conclude such an amazing story. 

I had a real joy reading this manga, and despite the last volume, I recommend this to every romance fan. It goes beyond a simple high school romance to a touching love story that shouldn’t be missed.