Jedi Squadron Podcast: Episode 06 – Spark of Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Review

By Nathan DeSa & Rizwan Merchant 

Note: The Jedi Squadron Team stand with the current Writers and Actors strikes ongoing, and believe in fair pay and compensation with better contracts. This podcast is in support of our beloved actors and writers and their rebellion against the Movie Studios.  

With the new Ahsoka TV show launching on Disney Plus next month, Nathan and Rizwan begin their preparations for this highly anticipated release with a complete rewatch of Star Wars Rebels. This is a fun time as our two co-hosts come at Rebels from very different perspectives and backgrounds, and sparks some very interesting discussions as Nathan is freshly entering Rebels for the first time, fresh off the heels of A New Dawn, and Rizwan making this his 3rd watch through of the entire series after first watching this on Disney XD as it came out. So join us as we dig into the season and discuss the connections from the origin story of Hera and Kanan into Rebels, our thoughts on the story, character break down and much more.

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