Kagome, Kagome

Genre: Action/Drama
Length: 3 Volumes
Allegiance: Shueisha
Mangaka: Toshiki Yui
Vintage: 1999-2001

Intelligence Agency Report by: Phate

Takeuchi Masami’s father has recently passed away, and as a result, his grandfather is forcing him to move out of his house. With only 80,000 yen a month given to him as living expenses by his grandfather, he needs to find a relatively cheap place to live. Enter his friend Nishino Kagome, who promises to help Masami find a place, under one condition: he needs to allow Kagome’s “Extremely Normal Phenomena Observation Society” to use it as a meeting hall until they get their own. While not a believer in things of that nature, Masami nonetheless agrees. Strange things are now happening in his new place, and he just may soon change his skeptical view on the supernatural…

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Cristina Vee to Appear at Otakon 2007/23/2013
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Gargantia on the Verduous Planet: Episode 7 Review by Miki06/03/2013
Aniplex of America to GYO:Tokyo Fish Attack! on DVD06/03/2013
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Fullmetal Alchemist by Drake12/18/2012Drake
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Crest of the Stars12/10/2012Drake, Kuzu Ryu Sen
Digimon Adventure: The Movie by Drake12/10/2012Drake
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by Niner12/10/2012Niner
FLCL by Dave K12/10/2012Dave K
Crest of the Stars by Kuzu Ryu Sen12/10/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
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Exclusive Interview with Scott McNeil, MechaCon VII12/10/2012
Kyle Hebert Exclusive Interview, A-Kon 2212/10/2012
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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan by Drake12/10/2012Drake
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan by Loner12/10/2012Loner
Scott McNeil12/10/2012
Kyle Hebert12/10/2012
Haruhi English Voice Actors Interview, Anime North 200712/10/2012
Stephanie Sheh12/10/2012
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MechaCon V – Texas Voice Actor Panel12/10/2012
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Vic Mignogna Q&A Session, Anime Matsuri 200812/10/2012
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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Interview, Otakon 200912/10/2012
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn12/10/2012
Lisa Furukawa Interview, MechaCon III12/10/2012
Lisa Furukawa12/10/2012
KOTOKO Q&A, Anime North 200612/10/2012
Interview with Kanemori Yoshinori and Kawamoto Toshihiro, Otakon 200512/10/2012
Otakon 2005: Kawamoto Toshihiro’s Panel12/10/2012
Kawamoto Toshihiro12/10/2012
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Kanemori Yoshinori12/10/2012
Chris & Greg Ayres Interview, MechaCon V12/10/2012
Greg Ayres12/10/2012
Chris Ayres12/10/2012
Cherami Leigh @ A-Kon 2212/10/2012
Cherami Leigh12/10/2012
Bespa Kumamero @ Anime Matsuri 200812/10/2012Rizwan Merchant
Bespa Kumamero12/10/2012
Aural Vampire Interview @ Anime Matsuri 200812/10/2012
Aural Vampire12/09/2012
Dragon Half by Phate12/09/2012Phate
Azumanga Daioh by Kuzu Ryu Sen12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Azumanga Daioh12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen, Lady Sage,
The Animatrix by Munky12/09/2012Munky
Animatrix, The12/09/2012Munky, The Macaque
3×3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon by Miki12/09/2012Miki
3×3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon by Lady Sage12/09/2012Lady Sage
Gunslinger Girl by Niner12/09/2012Niner
3×3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon12/09/2012Lady Sage, Miki
Gunslinger Girl by Ritalin12/09/2012Ritalin
3×3 Eyes by Miki12/09/2012Miki
3×3 Eyes by Lady Sage12/09/2012Lady Sage
3×3 Eyes12/09/2012Lady Sage, Miki
xxxHOLiC: A Midsummer Night’s Dream12/09/2012Tremolo
Witchblade12/09/2012Kouichi Kimura
Wings of Honneamise12/09/2012Dave K
Wind Named Amnesia, A12/09/2012Mira
Weiß Kreuz OVA12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Weiß Kreuz: Glühen12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Voltron: Fleet of Doom12/09/2012Drake
Vampire Knight12/09/2012Miki
Trinity Blood12/09/2012Loner
Tree of Palme, A12/09/2012Dave K
Touch: Miss Lonely Yesterday12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Digimon Adventure: The Movie12/09/2012Drake, Kuzu Ryu Sen
Touch12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Tokyo Godfathers12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Tenshi na Konamaiki12/09/2012Orax
Tales of Phantasia12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Tales of a Street Corner12/09/2012The Macaque
Sukisho12/09/2012Lady Sage
Stellvia of the Universe12/09/2012Lady Sage
Dragon Half12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen, Phate
Steel Angel Kurumi 212/09/2012Orax
Steel Angel Kurumi12/09/2012I
Star Ocean EX12/09/2012Orax
Spirited Away12/09/2012Munky
Shingetsutan Tsukihime12/09/2012Mira
Kaitou Saint Tail12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
SaiKano: Another Love Song12/09/2012Erigion
Fullmetal Alchemist by Orax12/09/2012Orax
Sakura Wars 212/09/2012Loner
Gunslinger Girl12/09/2012Niner, Ritalin
Fullmetal Alchemist by Ritalin12/09/2012Ritalin
Rurouni Kenshin12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Fruits Basket by Orax12/09/2012Orax
Gungrave by Phate12/09/2012Phate
FLCL by The Macaque12/09/2012The Macaque
Gungrave by Orax12/09/2012Orax
FLCL by Djudge12/09/2012Djudge
Great Teacher Onizaku by Erigion12/09/2012Erigion
Rose of Versailles12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Great Teacher Onizuka by Djudge12/09/2012Djudge
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse12/09/2012Lady Sage
Revolutionary Girl Utena12/09/2012Lady Sage
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children by Erigion12/09/2012Erigion
Re: Cutey Honey12/09/2012Niner
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children by Phate12/09/2012Phate
Great Teacher Onizuka12/09/2012Djudge, Erigion
Ranma 1/2 OVA12/09/2012Phate
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children by Kuzu Ryu Sen12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Raimuiro Senkitan12/09/2012Lady Sage
Planetes12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Grave of the Fireflies by Munky12/09/2012Munky
Fullmetal Alchemist12/09/2012Drake, Ritalin, Orax
The Place Promised in Our Early Days12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Grave of the Fireflies12/09/2012Drake, Munky
Perfect Blue12/09/2012Phate
Fruits Basket12/09/2012Drake, Orax
Full Moon wo Sagashite by Lady Sage12/09/2012Lady Sage
Peach Girl12/09/2012Lady Sage
FLCL12/09/2012Dave K, Djudge, The Macaque
Peace Maker Kurogane12/09/2012Djudge
Patlabor 1: The Movie12/09/2012The Macaque
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children12/09/2012Erigion, Kuzu Ryu Sen, Phate
Elfen Lied12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen, Orax
Paradise Kiss12/09/2012Erigion
Onegai Twins12/09/2012Orax
Onegai Teacher OVA12/09/2012Drake
On Your Mark12/09/2012Drake
Hellsing by Djudge12/09/2012Djudge
Hellsing by Munky12/09/2012Munky
Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo12/09/2012Orax
Ocean Waves12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Hellsing12/09/2012Djudge, Munky
Oh My Goddess! OVA12/09/2012Drake
Ninja Scroll12/09/2012Phate
Mobile Suite Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz12/09/2012Drake
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen & Rizwan Merchant
Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion12/09/2012Djudge
Nekojiru Gekijou12/09/2012The Macaque
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED12/09/2012Djudge
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket12/09/2012Miki
Meine Liebe12/09/2012Lady Sage
MazinKaiser12/09/2012Dirty Harrington
Mahou Shojou Madoka Magica12/09/2012Hikari
Elfen Lied by Orax12/09/2012Orax
Elfen Lied by Kuzu Ryu Sen12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Berserk by Tremolo12/09/2012Tremolo
Berserk by Phate12/09/2012Phate
Berserk by Lady Sage12/09/2012Lady Sage
Berserk12/09/2012Phate, Lady Sage, Tremolo
Azumanga Daioh by Lady Sage12/09/2012Lady Sage
Hanaukyo Maid Tai by Lady Sage12/09/2012Lady Sage
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful12/09/2012Orax
Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden12/09/2012Djudge
Dragon Half by Kuzu Ryu Sen12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi12/09/2012Mira
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s12/09/2012Drake
Hanaukyo Maid Tai12/09/2012Orax, Lady Sage
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha12/09/2012Drake
Hanaukyo Maid Tai by Orax12/09/2012Orax
Magical Canan12/09/2012Lady Sage
Macross Zero12/09/2012Erigion
Macross Plus12/09/2012The Macaque
Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy12/09/2012Djudge
Loveless12/09/2012Lady Sage
Love Hina: Episode 25 OVA12/09/2012Drake
Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose12/09/2012Drake
Legend of DUO12/09/2012Lady Sage
Last Exile12/09/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
This Ugly and Beautiful World12/08/2012Phate
Kimagure Orange Road: Ano Hi ni Kaeritai12/08/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Kimagure Orange Road12/08/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Kiki’s Delivery Service12/08/2012Dave K
Kiddy Grade12/08/2012Niner
Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho12/08/2012Drake
Kanon12/08/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Digimon Adventure: The Movie by Kuzu Ryu Sen12/08/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Jyu Oh Sei12/08/2012Tremolo
Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu12/08/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Gungrave12/08/2012Orax, Phate
Jumping12/08/2012The Macaque
Jinki: Extend12/08/2012Lady Sage
Iron Man12/08/2012Drake
Initial D12/08/2012Mira
Iketeru Futari12/08/2012Lady Sage
Ichigo 100%12/08/2012Lady Sage
Hyper Doll12/08/2012Drake
Hunter X Hunter12/08/2012Lady Sage
His and Her Circumstances12/08/2012Djudge
Hikaru no Go12/07/2012Orax
High School of the Dead12/07/2012Hikari
Here is Greenwood12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
He is My Master12/07/2012Lady Sage
Hanaukyo Maid Tai: La Verite12/07/2012Orax
Haibane Renmei12/07/2012The Macaque
Gravitation12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Golden Boy12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Gokudo12/07/2012Lady Sage
Ghost in the Shell12/07/2012The Macaque
Futari Ecchi12/07/2012Phate
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Full Metal Panic!12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Fate/Stay Night12/07/2012Drake
Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor12/07/2012Tremolo
Ergo Proxy12/07/2012Tremolo
El Hazard: The Magnificent World12/07/2012Lady Sage
Eden of the East: The King of Eden12/07/2012Drake
Eden of the East12/07/2012Drake
Dragon Ball Z: Movie IV12/07/2012Drake
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock TV Special12/07/2012Drake
Dragon Ball Z12/07/2012Drake
Dragon Ball: Yo!12/07/2012Drake
Dragon Ball GT: Movie Special12/07/2012Drake
Digital Monster X-Evolution12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Xros Wars12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Tamers: The Adventurers’ Battle12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Tamers: The Runaway Digimon Express12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Savers12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Frontiers: Island of Lost Digimon12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Adventures 02: The Golden Digimentals12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Adventures 02: Diablomon Strikes Back12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Adventure: Our War Game12/07/2012Drake
Digimon Adventure12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Demon City Shinjuku12/07/2012The Macaque
Death Note12/07/2012Miki
Deadman Wonderland12/07/2012Hikari
Card Captor Sakura: The Sealed Card12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Card Captor Sakura: The Movie12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Card Captor Sakura12/07/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Buzzer Beater12/06/2012Lady Sage
Boys Be…12/06/2012Lady Sage
Boogiepop Phantom12/06/2012Lady Sage
Black Lagoon12/06/2012Erigion
Black Butler12/06/2012Amaranth
Bastard!!12/06/2012Lady Sage
Banner of the Stars III12/06/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Banner of the Stars II12/06/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Banner of the Stars12/06/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Ayashi no Ceres12/06/2012Lady Sage
Armitage III12/06/2012Dave K
Animation Runner Kuromi 212/06/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Animation Runner Kuromi12/06/2012Lady Sage
Angel’s Tail 212/06/2012Lady Sage
Angel’s Tail12/06/2012Lady Sage
Angel Links12/06/2012Lady Sage
Angelic Layer12/06/2012Lady Sage
Angel’s Egg12/06/2012The Macaque
Android Ana Maico 201012/06/2012Lady Sage
Amazing Nurse Nanako12/06/2012Lady Sage
Akazukin Chacha12/06/2012Lady Sage
Ai Yori Aoshi12/06/2012Lady Sage
Air Master12/06/2012Lady Sage
Air12/06/2012Lady Sage
Afro Samurai12/06/2012Drake
Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses11/27/2012Lady Sage
Oni-Con 2007 Photo Gallery11/25/2012
MechaCon VII Photo Gallery11/25/2012
MechaCon VI Photo Gallery11/24/2012
MechaCon V Photo Gallery11/24/2012
MechaCon IV Photo Gallery11/24/2012
MechaCon II Photo Gallery11/24/2012
Louisianime 2012 Photo Gallery11/21/2012
Louisianime 2011 Photo Gallery11/21/2012
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Review by Kuzu Ryu Sen11/19/2012Kuzu Ryu sen
Cosplay Day Out 2010 Photo Gallery11/18/2012
A-Kon 18 Photo Gallery11/18/2012
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [Light Novel]11/17/2012Tricky
Death Note – L: Change the World [Light Novel]11/17/2012Tricky
Spiral by Drake11/17/2012Drake
Spiral by I11/17/2012I
Spiral11/17/2012Drake, I
Rurouni Kenshin by Kuzu Ryu Sen11/17/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Rurouni Kenshin by Djudge11/17/2012Djudge
Rurouni Kenshin11/17/2012Djudge, Kuzu Ryu Sen
Love Hina by Lady Sage11/17/2012Lady Sage
Love Hina by Djudge11/17/2012Djudge
Love Hina11/17/2012Djudge, Lady Sage
Kagome, Kagome by Drake11/17/2012Drake
Kagome, Kagome by Phate11/17/2012Phate
Kagome, Kagome11/17/2012Drake, Phate
Full Moon wo Sagashite by Orax11/17/2012Orax
Full Moon wo Sagashite by Kuzu Ryu Sen11/17/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Full Moon wo Sagashite11/17/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen, Orax
The Family Zoo by Djudge11/17/2012Djudge
The Family Zoo by Phate11/17/2012Phate
The Family Zoo11/17/2012Djudge, Phate
Angel Sanctuary by Lady Sage11/17/2012Lady Sage
Angel Sanctuary by Orax11/17/2012Orax
Angel Sanctuary11/17/2012Lady Sage, Orax
Zombie Powder11/17/2012Djudge
Video Girl Ai11/16/2012Lady Sage
Venus Wars11/16/2012Lady Sage
Tokyo Mew Mew11/16/2012Kitsune
Today in Class 5-211/16/2012Djudge
Someday’s Dreamers11/16/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Silent Möbius11/16/2012Etch
Sand Land11/16/2012I
Route 2011/15/2012Djudge
Rough11/15/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Ranma ½11/15/2012Lady Sage
Pretty Face11/15/2012Niner
Peach Girl11/15/2012Mana
Nine11/15/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind11/15/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland11/15/2012Zoomi
Mekakushi no Kuni11/15/2012Orax
Maison Ikkoku11/15/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Marmalade Boy11/15/2012Lady Sage
Mantis Woman11/15/2012Mana
Magic Knight Rayearth 211/15/2012I
Magic Knight Rayearth11/15/2012I
Kodomo no Omocha11/15/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Kingdom Hearts11/15/2012Kitsune
Katsu!11/15/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Kanata Kara11/15/2012dheu
Hikaru no Go11/14/2012Djudge
H211/14/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Genkaku Picasso11/14/2012Kitsune
Fruits Basket11/14/2012Kitsune
FLCL11/14/2012Dave K
Fall in Love Like a Comic!11/14/2012Amaranth
Dragon Ball11/14/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
DNA211/14/2012Lady Sage
Devil Devil11/14/2012Orax
Destiny’s Hand11/14/2012Kitsune
Dark Water11/14/2012Drake
Card Captor Sakura11/14/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Bomber Girl11/14/2012I
Blank Slate11/14/2012dheu
Brian Beacock11/11/2012
Brian Beacock Interview, 11/11/1211/11/2012Drake
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine11/11/2012Shadow
Transformers: War for Cybertron11/11/2012Shadow
Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom11/11/2012Blitzwing01
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction11/11/2012Zarhn X
Tekken 411/11/2012Drake
Tales of Phantasia11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic11/11/2012Dave K
Star Wars: Battlefront11/11/2012Niner
Star Ocean11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Starcraft: Brood War11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Starcraft11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Spiderman 211/11/2012Dave K
Soul Calibur II11/11/2012Dave K
Soul Calibur11/11/2012Phate
SiN11/11/2012Dave K
Sid Meier’s Pirates!11/11/2012Dave K
Secret Weapons over Normandy11/11/2012Dave K
Praetorians11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Power Rangers: Super Legends11/11/2012Zarhn X
Portal11/11/2012Thread of Fate
Perfect Dark Zero11/11/2012Dave K
Need For Speed Underground 211/11/2012Dave K
Need for Speed: Most Wanted11/11/2012Dave K
Midnight Club II11/11/2012Munky
Metroid Fusion11/11/2012Katelin
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots11/11/2012Shadow
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete11/11/2012Dr. Magnanimus
Lucky Star Moe Drill11/11/2012Blitzwing01
Love Hina Advance11/11/2012Katelin
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers11/11/2012Munky
Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ11/11/2012Tricky
Left 4 Dead11/11/2012Dante
Hearts of Iron II11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Halo: Reach11/11/2012Shadow
Halo 211/11/2012Dave K
Halo: Combat Evolved11/11/2012Dave K
Half-Life11/11/2012Dave K
Guilty Gear X211/11/2012Munky
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City11/11/2012Munky
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas11/11/2012Dave K
Gears of War 311/11/2012Shadow
Final Fantasy X11/11/2012Drake
Final Fantasy VII11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance11/11/2012Katelin
Final Fantasy IV11/11/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Fatal Frame II – Crimson Butterfly11/11/2012Mana
Fatal Frame11/11/2012Mana
Fallout 211/11/2012Dave K
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel11/10/2012Dave K
Fable11/10/2012Dave K
Eternal Fighter Zero –Memorial–11/10/2012Blitzwing01
Enter the Matrix11/10/2012Katelin
Elite Beat Agents11/10/2012Dante
Drill Milky Punch11/10/2012Blitzwing01
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King11/10/2012Dr. Magnanimus
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 311/10/2012Dante
Dragon Age 211/10/2012Shadow
Dragon Age: Origins11/10/2012Shadow
Doom11/09/2012The Macaque
Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening11/09/2012Dante
Destroy All Humans!11/09/2012Dante
Densha de GO! Final11/09/2012Blitzwing01
Dead Space 211/09/2012Shadow
Dead Space11/09/2012Shadow
Dave Mirra BMX11/08/2012Dave K
Crysis 211/08/2012Shadow
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII11/08/2012Shadow
Crackdown 211/08/2012Shadow
Conker’s Bad Fur Day11/08/2012Phate
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 211/08/2012Dave K
Chrono Trigger11/08/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Chobits for Gameboy Advance11/08/2012Katelin
Chaos Legion11/08/2012Munky
Celebrity Deathmatch11/08/2012Dave K
Ben There, Dan That11/07/2012Drake
Battlefield 211/07/2012Blitzwing01
Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 111/07/2012Drake, Zarhn X
Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 1: It’s About Time! by Drake11/07/2012Drake
Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 1: It’s About Time! by Zarhn X11/07/2012Zarhn X
Auto Modellista11/07/2012Munky
Katawa Shoujo11/07/2012Dr. Magnanimus
E3 2010 – Nintendo: Back in the Game11/01/2012Drake
E3 2010: Ubisoft: Bridging Reality and Virtual Reality11/01/2012Drake
E3 2010: EA’s Bid to Reclaim Shooter Crown11/01/2012Drake
E3 2010: Microsoft Losing Focus?11/01/2012Drake
E3 201011/01/2012Drake
Unboxxing StarCraft 211/01/2012Dante
Sony’s Massive Apology11/01/2012Shadow
Sony Corporation Breached…..TWICE…..With a Twist11/01/2012Shadow
Portal 2: Potatoes Fuel Glados?11/01/2012Drake
No Place for Hideo? Or Just a Very Big Promotion?11/01/2012Shadow
Dragon Age 2 Demo11/01/2012Shadow
GameStop Power Up Rewards 201011/01/2012Shadow
Love the Cosplayer, Respect the Cosplayer: The Happy Medium10/26/2012Rizwan Merchant
Sakura-Con 201210/23/2012Hitmage
An Insider’s Look at Japan: Asakusa10/21/2012Hitmage
An Insider’s Look at Japan: Akihabara10/21/2012Hitmage
Dropped! – MPD Psycho [Manga]10/20/2012Miki
AM2 2011: Convention Organizer Interview10/20/2012Drake
MechaCon V: Convention Organizers Interview10/20/2012Drake, T3k, Atomis
Aurora, Colorado Shooting 201210/20/2012Rizwan Merchant
Otakon 201210/20/2012Kouichi Kimura
A-Kon 2310/20/2012Kouichi Kimura
Puerto Rico Comic Con 201210/20/2012takuyayagami
Aquari-Con 201210/19/2012LunarLily
Louisianime 201210/19/2012Drake
Oni-Con 201110/19/2012Modulo
Kumoricon 201110/19/2012Hitmage
A-Kon 2210/19/2012Kouichi Kimura
New York Comic Con 2011: Nintendo’s Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva Event10/19/2012Kuroi
New York Comic Con 201110/19/2012Kuroi
MechaCon VII: Cosplay Contest Footage10/19/2012LexiEvelyn
MechaCon VII10/19/2012Drake, Kaishi
Otakon 201110/19/2012Kouichi Kimura
Anime Expo 201110/19/2012Blitzwing01
AM2 201110/19/2012Fluffs
Sakura-Con 201110/19/2012Hitmage
Louisianime 201110/19/2012Chyanime
MechaCon VI: Cosplay Contest Footage10/19/2012
MechaCon VI: Cosplay Chess Footage10/19/2012LexiEvelyn
MechaCon VI10/19/2012Drake
Kumoricon 201010/19/2012Hitmage
Katsucon 1610/19/2012Kuroi
Colossalcon 910/19/2012Mag
Cosplay Day Out 201010/19/2012Drake
Anime Expo 201010/19/2012Lady Sage
Comiket 7710/19/2012Kuroi
Yaoi-Con 200910/19/2012Kuroi
Nan Desu Kan 200910/19/2012Etch, Hawk
Anime Matsuri 200910/19/2012Misty
Otakon 200810/19/2012dheu
MechaCon IV10/18/2012Drake
Katsucon 1410/18/2012Kuroi
Anime Matsuri 200810/18/2012Drake, Duck King
Anime Expo 200810/18/2012Kuroi
Anime Boston 200810/18/2012Kuroi
Otakon 200710/18/2012Dirty Harrington, Niner, Lady Sage
Oni-Con 200710/18/2012Drake, Zoomi
Nan Desu Kan 200710/18/2012Etch & Hawk
Anime Expo 200710/18/2012Lady Sage
Otakon 2006: Nana Kitade/MUCC Concert10/18/2012Lady Sage
Otakon 200610/18/2012Niner
Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie10/16/2012Drake
Otakon 200510/16/2012Kuzu Ryu Sen
Fanime 200410/16/2012Djudge, Phate, I, Lady Sage
Assassin’s Creed II10/16/2012Shadow
Oni-Con 200410/15/2012Drake, Zoomi
Animecon 3 / Finncon 200410/15/2012The Macaque
Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines10/15/2012Shadow
Buso Renkin10/15/2012Drake
Alice 19th10/15/2012Zoomi
Convention Dos and Don’ts Special 200710/20/2007Bahamut, Petals
Creating Costumes – Halloween Special 200410/20/2004Dave K & SovietAirman