Karneval – Episode 7 Review

Reconnaissance Report by: Miki
Streaming Allegiance: Aniplex/Hulu
Progress: Episode 7

karneval promoGareki’s past and more facts about the Varuga and Kafka come to light in the first two-thirds of this trio of episodes, followed by a filler episode in which Team Two assists Team One in putting on a parade and performance in a town. One of Team One’s support robots goes haywire and must be stopped before it causes any harm.
Things are going two small steps forward and one step back for Karneval. Like Valvrave, this show tries to be too many things at once, and the Circus/Karneval motif is still largely tacked on for stylistic and filler effect. However, where Valvrave teases at bigger, deeper machinations, Karneval merely reveals basic pillars of plot that feel thoroughly average. Like its progress at episode four, the show at episode seven isn’t unentertaining or poorly executed, just pedestrian.

Score: 7.50/10.00