Kiniro Mosaic: First Impressions

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Reconnaissance Report by – Kitsune
Progress – Episode 1

kinro_mosiac_1Even after one episode, I feel confident enough to say that I love this anime (hopefully, nothing goes downhill). KinMoza is all about traveling/living abroad, and since I just got back from a two week trip to Europe this is all fresh on my brain, and KinMoza just captures the essence of being in a foreign country so well. It makes me smile because it’s such a realistic depiction. It takes me back…and at the same time it introduces me to the experience of living abroad in Japan! And how many anime fans want some insight into that??? I know I do, and it’s certainly heartwarming – life for Alice, the main character, isn’t perfect, and some things make her uncomfortable because they are so foreign to her, but she ultimately goes in with an open mind and has fun with it (which is the best way to experience a foreign place-just to immerse yourself). This line particularly struck me: “Maybe we don’t speak the same language, but we can communicate as long as we try to listen to each others’ hearts.” It is the epitome of KinMoza – it is such a sweet anime that encourages international relations in the best possible way.

The only thing I noticed that was a bit off (but comical) was the fact that while in England, some of the characters spoke English, which of course makes sense. However, it was so obvious that the voice actors were Japanese…making their English pronunciation very funny, so it wasn’t believable at all. It was cute, but it would have probably been best to just leave it all in Japanese with subtitles. (I about lost it when they literally pronounced “dessert” as “desert”).However, I believe that the rest of the series takes place in Japan and not England, so it shouldn’t continue to be a problem. Overall, this series is just warming my heart and giving me a believable adventure. 🙂