Love Hina

Also Known As: LH
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Length: 14 Volumes
Allegiance: TokyoPop
Mangaka: Akamatsu Ken
Vintage: 1999-2002

Intelligence Agency Report by: Djudge

Urashima Keitaro is your typical twenty-something loser. Poor, no girlfriend, and striving to make it out on his own. The only thing keeping him going is a promise to get into the prestigious Tokyo University he made in his childhood with a girl whose name he can’t even remember. After failing the entrance exams to the school several times, Keitaro is given a reprieve by his grandmother who places him in charge of a hot spring inn. However, upon arriving at the given address, Keitaro finds that the inn is now all-girl’s dormitory and he’s now its manager! Will he ever be able to get into Tokyo University at this rate?

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