Metroid Fusion

Genre: Action/Adventure
Platform(s): GBA
Allegiance: Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
Vintage: 2002
Rating: E
Intelligence Agency Report by: Katelin
On a mission to watch over a biological research team on Planet SR388, Samus is attacked by a strange new parasitic life form known as the “X”. Infected by this virus, Samus nearly dies, but a cure is found in time to save her; a cure coming from the DNA of the last Metroid creating a fusion of Metroid energy. Now Samus, as the last natural predator of the “XE is the only one who can stop them.

Weapons Expert Report by: Katelin 
Overall 9.00
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: Gameboy Advance The fourth game in the Metroid series, and by all means a worthy sequel to one of Nintendo’s best classic games. Thankfully, little has changed in the way of the action and game play elements that made its three predecessors hits. 

In this installment we don’t find Samus on Planet Zebes fighting Mother Brain in a worn out fashion, instead Samus must now fight a completely new threat, and all new monsters in a space station research facility. The areas you fight in are generally much smaller and less interesting than that you would find on an alien planet, but they have managed to bring the feel of the space station to life just like how they did in the other Metroid games. Though more areas are largely enclosed, there is still plenty of room for running and space jumping, and plenty of different environments due to different research wings with different environments. 

The story is probably the most outstanding part of the game. The story actually unfolds as you complete missions within the space station. You receive these missions via com-link navigation computers found throughout the base. Once you complete an objective you return to the nearest bay room and get your next mission. The plus side to this is you are presented a story with clear guide lines and objectives, along with a quick pace like an action movie instead of being dropped completely unaware of what’s going on and stumbling through the game. The down side to this is that it takes much of the mystery and exploration out of the game, as you no longer have to look around for your next mission objective: it’s provided for you by the briefing. 

Overall Metroid Fusion is a solid title and worth playing. If you’re a die hard fan of the Metroid series, or if you were even turned off by the massive exploration required by the previous Metroid games give this one a shot. While the pace is faster, there’s still plenty of fun and plenty of new surprises for Samus!