Genre: 3D Shooter
Platform(s): PC
Allegiance: Ritual/Activision
Vintage: 1998
Rating: M
Intelligence Agency Report by: Dave K
Recently a new illegal underground drug called U4 has hit the streets. Homeless people are disappearing. You are Colonel John Blade, leader of HARDCORPS, a private police organization. Your job is to find out who is behind the creation of this drug, and what it does.

Weapons Expert Report by: Dave K
Overall 9.00
(not an average)
Version Reviewed: PC I picked up this game way back when as a somewhat perverted 14 year-old who really liked the picture on the box. I didn’t of course have very high expectations for the game play I just figured it would look pretty. Turns out it was the other way around, which was a good thing. Sure the graphics weren’t bad, and it is one of the few games for the computer I have played which was made in the late 90’s that has next to no clipping issues. But what surprised me the most was the intricate storyline and fun gameplay. 

SiN’s storyline is without a doubt one of the best for a shooter, and while Half-Life can top it and Halo has much better gameplay, especially in the multiplayer section, Ritual did the best they could with the storyline they were given and they by far exceeded my expectations as to what this game should be. Also, while the graphics were not the absolute best, they did the best they could with the aging Quake 2 engine (the Quake 3 engine not being available at the time of production). The voice acting used in this game is decent although I have had people comment to me that some of the characters sound like former porn stars. I never really had a problem with this, they’re just voices and you will probably agree that they fit the characters quite well in some cases. Overall I was never disappointed in this game save the necessity to patch the game many times over, and I would recommend this game to any perverted 14 year old males (or older) or anyone who wants to try a decent old Quake 2 engine game. 

On a final note I must add that there is an anime movie based on this game (Also called SiN), please do not judge this game on the movie. While games generally have less plot then movies this one is the opposite. But the movie is another review for another time.