Sparrow’s Hotel: Episode 10 Review

Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Drake
Progress: Episode 10

sparrows hotel promoI’ve concluded that Sparrow’s Hotel is now actively trying to crush any minuscule hope I place in it to turn around.

At the start of episode 8 we see that Yuu, from earlier in the series, has returned as a business manager for the hotel. For those that don’t recall, Yuu was last seen as an extremely obvious spy lurking around the hotel. I was actually a bit okay with her appointment to a staff member of the hotel, if only to add a new character that COULD maybe possibly improve things. Sadly she was gone as randomly as she appeared along with Shirokawa, who further disturbs his sister and viewers alike with his overtly incestuous dialog.

However, Yuu was not the only character to return. In my last review of this anime you may recall my frustrations with Billy and Sayuri meeting and not fighting despite the build-up. Well, Billy returns and once again we are given no fight scene. Another huge disappointment.

To be quite honest, episode ten is actually so unmemorable that I barely recall what happened. The hotel loses a large number of reservations due to rain, and a new flood of refugees from the storm bombard the hotel, putting them near maximum occupancy. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and Sayuri calms an unruly guest down with a karate chop.

This anime remains pretty terrible and overall disappointing. Continue to avoid it. You’re better off, I promise.

Score: 0.50/10.00