Sparrow’s Hotel: Episode 04 Review

Streaming Allegiance: Crunchyroll
Reconnaissance Report by: Drake
Progress: Episode 4

sparrows hotel promoWhen we left our discussion of Sparrow’s Hotel, I was thanking the creators for only giving me three minutes of this train wreck to watch. Since then, I’ve watched an additional three episodes, which brings my time lost to this anime to twelve minutes. Let’s just say I’ll be sending the creator my invoice for time that I would like back.

There has literally been no character development or semblance of plot since episode one. We meet additional characters such as Tamaki’s older brother, who is the hotel business manager, and an undercover spy from the Sparrow’s Hotel Group who is there to inspect the hotel and staff. Both characters barely add to the anime except to marvel at Sayuri’s odd ninja skills and add to the randomness of it all. Which, by the way, Sayuri seems to have no faults either at assassination or her hotel job, making her a kind of Mary Sue with abnormally big eyes – even by anime standards.

Each episode is pretty episodic and self contained, with two episodes featuring one new minor character each, and one involving an outing to watch the cherries blossom.

Again, there isn’t too much saving grace for this anime, and as it continues it gets more and more dull.

Score: 0 .75/10.00