Zettai Boei Leviatan: Episode 10 Review

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Progress – Episode 10

Zettai Boei Leviatan PromoApologies for the late update!  It wasn’t that I lacked the time but rather that I literally forgot about Leviatan.  It has so little impact that it is immediately forgettable, which is unfortunate considering the popularity of its source material but also begs the question that if the anime is this flat, what’s the original app-game like?

Anyway, onto the update!  As of the end of episode 7, the girls were trekking around in the desert generally being useless until they stumble across ruins and investigate.  Episode 8 through 10 is the first inkling of a multi-episode story arc we’ve seen in Leviatan. The girls discover Leviatan’s spear in the temple, but trouble hits and they’re rescued by a little girl who has been charged with tending the temple. She sends them off to a volcano for healing  cue hot springs episode with the usual nonsense and intrigue.  Meanwhile, the volcano master is sick and they set out to find the ingredients for the cure.  In an awkward cut-and-jump episode they jump, bash, or swim their way to the ingredients.  The master gets cured and offers to help them should they need it – but they can’t call on him because they lack a summoning sphere device.  Oh, and Leviatan gets a power up that apparently means they’re capable of defeating the Lucasite way back at the temple  –  I guess the power levels of Bahamut and Jörmungand don’t matter.

The events of the episodes remain random and only marginally entertaining.  Syrop, their fairy, continues to be irritating and unfocused, and the only overarching plot we’ve gained is the defeat of the Lucasite at the temple and the hopeful restoration of the Spring at the ruin.  That would be sufficient if it wasn’t so completely uninteresting – their motivation for restoring the spring is couched almost wholly in nostalgia and that’s it.  Can someone please tell me how this relates to saving the world from impending doom?  The music is basic, the scenes decently animated but nothing memorable, and the characters remain as flat as ever, even if they’re running around in their scales for an episode.  I can sort of see how it’s drawn from a game, but with nothing enticing and snore-worthy dialogue I’m just waiting for this to be over.

Score: 4.75/10.00