Zettai Boei Leviatan: Episode 07 Review

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Progress – Episode 7

Zettai Boei Leviatan PromoAt just over halfway through the season, Leviatan sticks stubbornly to its pattern of boring, weak and often random plotlines that only marginally connect to the premise of the show.  The characters are flat, and the animation is inconsistent and lazy – the single fight sequence of any note thus far recycles the same frame sequence multiple times and culminates in the most boring climax yet.  It’s as if this anime is deliberately trying to make you yawn and put it down.

Jörmungand, the axe-wielding earth-element girl, is the only remotely interesting character, if you don’t count the awkward and convenient revelations – and mistakes – that Leviatan makes.  The loss of Leviatan’s spear results in the girls trekking out into the desert in search of it and, after some incredibly awkward exposition, they find the location in a ruin.  Never mind that it is somehow located in a desert that each one of them remembers as being a vast, lush jungle that surrounded said ruin – there is literally zero concern over this revelation. This doesn’t take into account that they trekked out into the desert, when the forest was supposed to be just outside town when they played there as kids.  And does the fact that floating islands crashed out of the sky and fertile lands are now wastelands not cause alarm?

The only redeeming factors to this show are the introduction of a cocky and mysterious young character that obviously knows more then he lets on and the little tidbits of world building at the very beginning of the episodes.

I can’t say I was expecting amazing things from this show, but considering the popularity of its source material one would think that they would at least try to make the story interesting.  I will be grateful when this season is done.

Score: 4.25/10.00