PortCon Maine 2012

PortCon Maine is thus far the only anime convention I’ve managed to attend. My last visit was in 2006 and going back again six years later was a nostalgic experience. I got there at about noon on Friday, and it was bustling with people.



Daichi Kakeru is an extremely perverted sixteen-year-old boy who is a virgin of all trades. However that is all about to change when he opens a can of melon soda, takes a sip, and finds himself kissing a very attractive blonde girl. It turns out his drink is a government experiment in which steel and aluminum soda cans known as Akikans, are cans that turn into girls locked in a kiss with you when drank. Their purpose in life is to fight one another to determine the better can in a competition called the Akikan Elect.

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Happy New Years!

I would like to extend a Very Happy New Years to all our readers. We’re are hoping to make 2013 the best year for the website, and hope you will stay along for the ride! 🙂