Anime Boston 2013

It’s time for another installment from Anime Boston! After a five-year hiatus, I decided it was about time to give the first con I had ever attended another chance…For those of you who have never gone before, Anime Boston is set squarely in downtown Boston, a small subway’s ride from Fenway Park.

Con News

Otakon 20 Welcomes Back Writer Peter S. Beagle

Otakon welcomes back writer Peter S. Beagle as a guest. Peter has written many teleplays and screenplays, including the animated versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Last Unicorn, plus the fan-favorite “Sarek” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Sunday Without God: First Impressions

The premise of Sunday Without God is one of the more unique settings I’ve encountered – the world was created by God, who was present as a great light in the sky, but after resting upon completing the creation of the world, God declared it a failure and abandoned it.

Eccentric Family

The Eccentric Family: First Impressions

The city of Kyoto, from the days it was founded as the capital of Japan, has involved a mix of tanuki (racoon dogs), tengu (mystical crows), and humans. It is this mix and the way they interact with each other that has allowed the city to continue on as it has into modern day.