New in Japan

Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji: First Impression

Gifuu Doudou is an anime based off of a manga created by Tetsuo Hara, famous for Fist of the North Star, and I could tell when I first saw the character designs. It’s a pretty interesting little show, and I’ll have to see how it develops. It’s about two Sengoku Era heroes, Maeda Keiji and Naoe Kanetsugu, who were best friends, and it probably is going to cover their history and exploits. I was interested in the idea of this, so here’s my first impression!


Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist: First Impressions

William Twining’s family has it all – wealth, British noble lineage, large estate, genius heir at a prestigious school – until his uncle makes some bad investments and loses everything of value in the house except Kevin Cecil, the family’s loyal butler. Lurking behind a locked door in the basement, however, is a summoning circle that brings the Demon Duke Dantalion over to the real world when William’s blood is spilled on it, activating a millenia-old contract….


Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club: First Impressions

There’s been so much buzz about Free!, from the first announcement to the first episode, that it’s almost impossible to really know what to expect going into the show. I’ll also say it straight out: no one was as excited for this show as I was. As a long time competitive swimmer and a long time sports series addict, the lack of a series about swimming (even if Golden Boys’ swimming scene is classic) was a huge hole to me that needed to be filled.


Aiura: Episode 10 Review

The characters have all been pretty well-established at this point, and the majority are at least somewhat memorable. Since that’s been accomplished, watching “Aiura” has kind of been like visiting a familiar friend.