Dr. Magnanimus

Oreimo Season 2: Final Review

Kyosuke is confronted with the reality that he does, in fact, love his sister in a very unnatural but romantic way, and realizes that he must now tell the other potential girlfriends in his life the truth. One by one, he rejects their advances and confesses to them his love for Kirino, thereby sabotaging any potential relationships. Eventually, Kyosuke proposes to his sister in public, and she accepts……

Ashta Nightrayne

Cosplayer Spotlight #09: Dat “Manly” Cosplay

The name is Dat and I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, sucking every drop out of life like a starving leech and having fun while I can. My slow tunneling into this amazing rabbit hole of cosplay started at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012. Not a single bone in my body regrets it but instead all are begging for more like crack.