Azumanga Daioh

Also Known As: Azu Dai, Azu Daioh, Azu
Genre: Comedy
Format: 26 Episodes
Allegiance: GENCO
Director: Nishikiori Hiroshi
Vintage: 2002
Intelligence Agency Report by: Kuzu Ryu Sen
At first glance, one would expect a day with Class 1-3 to be as normal as with any other class. As one walks in the door, there’s the 10 year old genius girl with the pigtails reading. When the bell rings, there’s the screeching of the teacher struggling to make it on time. During class, there’s the tall quiet girl looking out the window at what appears to be a very cute cat-shaped cloud, with another girl staring at her with a red face… Directly in front, there’s the girl from Kansai staring blankly into air. Behind, the two childhood friends are arguing loudly again and whacking each other with their textbooks, but it’s fine because the teacher is too distracted by what’s happening in the class next door. Ah, just another day in the world ofAzumanga Daioh.

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